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DNA Technology

A Powerful Tool for Solving Complex Issues

  • Paternity and Maternity
  • Immigration Validation
  • Inheritance Claims
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Family Genealogy
  • Adoption Disputes
  • Infidelity
  • Drug Test Confirmations

DNA Immigration Information

What DNA Identifiers Provides

  • Convenience: collectors will meet clients at safe, convenient places, oftentimes their homes
  • Speed: average 5 calendar days as part of our service (next-day or 3 day rush results available)
  • Painless Sample Collection: painless cotton-tipped cheek swab
  • Very Affordable Price: DNA Identifiers is the most competitive in the industry
  • AABB Accredited lab (American Association of Blood Banks)

DNA Testing Services

There are two types of DNA Testing for Immigration:

  • DNA Test for initial evidence only
  • DNA Test when the government or embassy has suggested it.

Initial Evidence

Should you be applying for immigrant VISA status and need a DNA test then you must obtain an AABB legally binding DNA relationship test. If all parties are located within the United States then we will conduct legal DNA collections, process your test and ship the results to you and/or your lawyer. Should you desire it, we can also provide you with copies of all supporting collection documentation, photos and IDs at no extra charge if emailed.

Government or Embassy Suggested DNA Testing

Should you find that the United States government has requested a DNA test, which is typically due to a lack of solid relationship evidence then we must perform a legal DNA test using specific chain of custody documentation and ship the results directly to the Embassy or United States Service Center (USCIS). If needed, can also send you and or your attorney copies of the results at no extra charge. 

For more information and to obtain a quote for services please call 888-362-4339. We have clinics nationwide!